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Baseball Trivia

Baseball Trivia

by Publications International Ltd.

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Results Baseball Trivia

Baseball Trivia ~ A collection of trivia questions about baseball The Yankees retired the Iron Horses No 4 on July 4 1939 during the now famous Lou Gehrig Day making him the first Major League player to enjoy such an honor Gehrig will forever remain the only player in Yankee history to have worn No 4 because his number was retired only two months after his final game

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Baseball Rubbing Mud Lena Blackburne ~ Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud The baseball rubbing mud used by every Major League and Minor League Baseball organization for over 40 years

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99 Favorite Trivia Questions Baseball Roundtable ~ Featured question – full quiz follows Who is the only pitcher to lead both the NL and AL in shutouts – in the same season CC Sabathia who started the 2008 season with the AL Indians and went 68 with a 383 ERA and 2 shutouts which tied with 7 others for the AL lead and in July was traded to the NL Brewers and went 112 with a 165 ERA and 3 shutouts which tied teammate Ben

Sports Trivia ~ If youve ever been in a sports bar you have probably taken part in a sports trivia game There is often a level of respect given to the guy who knows the most obscure sports trivia answers

National Baseball Hall of Fame Dressed to the Nines ~ Caps · Numbers and Names · Lettering · Jerseys · Patches and Armbands · Pants · Stockings · Shoes Lettering The interlocking “NY” logo of the New York Yankees the Old English “D” of the Detroit Tigers and the scripted “Dodgers” of Los Angeles are immediately recognizable design elements of the baseball uniform

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National Baseball Hall of Fame Dressed to the Nines ~ Caps · Numbers and Names · Lettering · Jerseys · Patches and Armbands · Pants · Stockings · Shoes Caps The baseball cap is the quintessential American hat It is seen not just on the ball field but in the stands on the streets and even at the workplace